A Milestone Passed

Last night, my wee little Honda Civic DX and I passed something of a milestone. We turned over 200,000 miles! (Well, technically, only the car did, but since I’ve been a participant in almost all of those miles, too, I feel a bit proprietary toward them.)

I guess it’s true what they say in the latest round of Honda commercials… the only thing that doesn’t last about a Honda is the once-a-year sale. 😉

This is my second Honda. The first, a CRX, was an amazing vehicle. When it was 10 years old and had about 160,000 miles on it, I drove it from the NYC metro area to Wilson, NC on a single tank of gas… while it was fully loaded with luggage, pets and all sorts of junk (we were moving).

And that was nearly two years after a mechanic had advised us to hold on to it just through the winter, then get a new vehicle. Over the years it had been stolen twice and broken in to another time, been in a couple of fender-benders and a hail storm or two. Finally, the mechanics broke two tools trying to loosen some bolts to get in and replace the timing belt. (Never could get in, and the belt was past due for a replacement, which is why the mechanic told us to dump the car – we all knew at that point we were living on borrowed time. We simply managed to “borrow” nearly two years more than what he thought.)

But even with all that it was still getting 48-50MPG on the highway. And it was still way fun to drive, peppy and nimble despite its advanced age and mileage.

I loves me my Hondas. 🙂


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