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Funny Thing

I only seem to post here after a big meal at work. Wonder if I should read anything into that?

So, anyway, it’s the afternoon after our big annual Thanksgiving feast. The company provides turkey, ham, stuffing/gravy and a few veggies. We bring in the rest of the side dishes and desserts. Of course, we generally have enough to feed about twice as many employees as actually work here.

And I go to a weigh-in at the doctor’s office tomorrow. This should be interesting.

I made my “famous” seven-layer salad. Cut the quantity just a bit this time around. We’ve got a bunch of people on vacation and such this week, so there weren’t as many employees sitting down to eat. Well, to be honest, after the way the economy’s been going this past year or so, we just don’t have as many employees sitting down to eat even when nobody’s on vacation.

But it was a good meal with good company. We’re all thankful we still have jobs this year, and we’re looking forward to a better year in 2010.


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Welcome to my new blog

Okay, confession time. I'm just experimenting here. My "real" blogs are all hosted on my own server. This one is just for fun!

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